EuroTan Optimizer lotion & spray

Sun tanning lotion and spray

EuroTan  Optimizer Cobalt is a premium lotion that turns a base tan into a deep dark bronze luster quickly. 

Maximize concentration of Tyrosine (a natural tan-stimulating amino acid), and Riboflavin interfaces with the body's tanning potential for fast results and a deep dark tan in a shorter time. 

Use EuroTan Indoor/Outdoor Optimizer Premium Lotion to push your tan to the next plateau! 

Less exposure = Less UV = Safer tanning! 

For “advanced” Tanners. Take EuroTan to your Tanning Salon (safe for all tanning bed surfaces). 

Take EuroTan to the Beach or Pool. Perfect to get that protective base tan before your vacation and avoid that red skin look & sunburn.

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Company Name : Commercial Consignment Corp
Phone:    2525648833
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