Partner with Dealacopia to Amplify Charitable Impact

At Dealacopia, we believe in the power of community and the importance of giving back. We are committed to supporting charitable organizations by making donations a core part of our business model. By joining Dealacopia, your charity can benefit from a steady stream of donations, amounting to 10% of the sales from purchases made by members who choose your organization as their preferred charity.

Why Partner with

Guaranteed Donations:

  • 10% of Every Purchase: Receive a donation equal to 10% of the sales amount for each transaction made by supporters who select your charity.
  • Consistent Funding: Benefit from a reliable source of funding as our community of shoppers grows.

Increased Visibility:

  • Highlight Your Cause: Feature your charity on our platform, showcasing your mission and impact to a wide audience.
  • Engage New Supporters: Attract new donors who are passionate about supporting charities through their everyday purchases.

Community Engagement:

  • Build Stronger Connections: Strengthen your relationship with existing supporters and engage with new ones through a platform dedicated to charitable giving.
  • Collaborate with Merchants: Partner with merchants who share your values and are committed to giving back to the community.

Simple and Transparent Process:

  • Easy Integration: Join with a straightforward onboarding process designed to get your charity up and running quickly.
  • Transparent Reporting: Access detailed reports to track donations and understand how much your charity is receiving from our platform.

Amplify Your Impact:

  • Leverage Our Platform: Use to amplify your fundraising efforts and reach more people dedicated to making a difference.
  • Empower Your Supporters: Enable your supporters to contribute to your cause simply by shopping for great deals.

How It Works


  • Sign up and become one of our featured charities.
  • Provide us with your charity’s information, mission, and impact stories to share with our community.

Engage Your Supporters:

  • Encourage your supporters to join and select your charity as their preferred charity by sharing trackable invites on behalf of your charity.
  • Promote your partnership with through your communication channels.

Receive Donations:

  • Each time a member makes a purchase and selects your charity, you receive a donation equal to 10% of the sales amount.
  • Monitor your donations and see the impact grow over time.

Join the Family

We invite you to become a part of the family and experience the benefits of a platform dedicated to charitable giving. By partnering with us, your charity can receive ongoing support, increase visibility, and engage with a community that values making a positive difference.

Get Started Today!

Contact us to learn more about how your charity can join and start receiving donations from every purchase made by our generous community of shoppers. Together, we can make a greater impact and support the causes that matter most.

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