The future of charitable commerce starts here.

Welcome to the birthplace of the Charitable Commerce Revolution.
Fueled by an online marketplace that empowers merchants to offer great deals to members, and for members to select their preferred charity to receive purchase based donations.

Dealacopia empowers businesses and consumers with access to awesome deals on excess inventory or capacity from a growing consortium of suppliers locally & worldwide.

It’s simple. When you join Dealacopia, you become a member of the community to purchase unique offers from diverse companies and suppliers, and supported charities receive 10% of the sale amount to help their cause.

In the hyper competitive, but fast growing, world of e-commerce, we've claimed our ground. Instead of budgeting a major percentage of revenue to advertising and marketing, we provide a win-win revenue share by donating 10% of sales directly to registered charities who've joined Dealacopia. We all win via great deals, positive exposure, and the donations raised for worthy causes.

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